Grading the Steelers 9 free agent signings from 2022 moves

Myles Jack #44 of the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Myles Jack #44 of the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /
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Mason Cole #52 of the Minnesota Vikings (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Steelers sign Cole

Contract: 3-years, 15.75 million

Grade: F+

From one of the best Steelers signing to easily their worst, the Mason Cole deal, initially, was an alarming one. If that was all the team planned on doing along their line, the offense was going to be in for a long season. Luckily, things got better (more on that later), but it doesn’t change the fact that the Cole signing is a bad one.

Unlike Wallace from before, Cole has a steady track record of being a below-average lineman in the league. He finally had an ok season last year as a center, but he only played about 500 snaps there. His career average PFF score came out to be a disappointing 57, a far cry from a true improvement to an offensive line that needed some major help.

The real question now is where will Cole play and can he beak out Kendrick Green for a starting role? My guess is both will compete for the center role, and while Green was a disaster last season, his play wasn’t a far cry from a typical Cole season. Unless he has truly turned a corner, this is a massive overpay. Personally, I think there is a better chance that Green starts than there is Cole becoming a viable starter.