Steelers tragedy causes Twitter uproar over odd, dumb media comments

Dwayne Haskins died Saturday. He was 24.Syndication Usa Today
Dwayne Haskins died Saturday. He was 24.Syndication Usa Today /
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Cameron Heyward #97  Steelers. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

Reactions across Twitter

That quote was the short version of what Brandt said. You can listen to the longer version of what he said here. Some of the Twitter criticisms slightly take Brandt out of context in this version after hearing his complete comments.

Context aside, the issue is that he made the comments under the assumption that Haskins’s poor decision-making led to the tragedy that took his life. The reality is that we still have no full picture of why the accident occurred.

A story has circulated that he ran out of gas; however, authorities have not confirmed that story as of Sunday. In short, had Brandt should not have speculated as to Haskins decision making when he, nor we, have an accounting of what happened. He might have avoided scrutiny if he had left his comments about Haskins’s death being a tragedy.

Well, it did not take long for the comments to go viral, and it did not take long for those comments to make Brandt issue an apology on Twitter.

Even Steelers defensive lineman Cam Heyward issued a tweet in response asking  Gil Brandt for an apology.

Despite the apology, some have called for his removal from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which might be overly egregious. At the same time, others have called for his dismissal from NFL radio at a minimum. That is understandable and more reasonable.

In this case, we need to temper our views just a little bit in Brand’s case. He did issue an apology, and it seems obvious he didn’t mean his comments in the cruel way they sounded. Keep in mind that Brandt is 90. He said things not fully comprehending that he had a firm grasp of the facts. You may say something regrettable at that age if only because your faculties do not work as they would in your 30s. Do not take that as being an apologist for what Brand’t said either.

We will have to wait and see how his situation plays out.