The Steelers top-five most likely first round draft choices in 2022

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Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss

Chances of being drafted by the Steelers: 6.57%

Corral was an early favorite in mock drafts before the combine and pro days. Teams had not gotten that definitive look at all the quarterbacks. So naturally, his stock fell after the combine.

Now that said, do not discount him as a potential draft choice. Corral still has a 49.7% chance of landing in the first round. Hence if the Panthers, Falcons, Saints, and Seahawks all want a quarterback well, he stands a chance of going off the board.

The chances are the Seahawks may address other needs; they still have Geno Smith and Drew Lock and are best situated to wait until next season for a quarterback. The Saints, are an open question mark as to their draft plans. If he does not go to the teams ahead of Pittsburgh, and the Steelers do not take him, then likely Corral goes off the board at pick 32.

If the Steelers take him, his upside is that many analysts think Corral is the next best option to run Matt Canada’s offense except for Willis. If Corral sits on the bench for a season and learns a little bit first, he could conceivably develop into the Steelers, next franchise quarterback.