5 Steelers offseason moves to get most excited about

James Daniels #68 of the Chicago Bears. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
James Daniels #68 of the Chicago Bears. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /
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The Steelers have done a nice job of constructing their roster in 2022, but some things were more exciting than others.

The Steelers are entering a scary, yet exciting time in their history. There has been a lot of change both to the roster and the front office of this team. Change brings a fresh look at a club and that could either be a scary thing or something that excites you, depending on how you view it.

There are new people leading the black and gold as they get ready for a schedule that seems tough on paper. They will not be traveling much this season, but their quality of opponents is not lacking. That will lead to a tougher result each week, on top of the newly formed unit that has a bunch of faces that are wearing this uniform for the first time.

Many new additions to this club will bring some optimism and excitement to this team in 2022. New coaches will hopefully help solve some problems with certain players as well as new players bringing new life to their respective positions. It is an exciting time for the Steel City as teams are heading into the pre-season process.

James Daniels should excite Steelers fans

James Daniels signed with the Steelers during free agency to a three-year contract. He has been one of the steadier offensive linemen in the NFL since being drafted out of Iowa a handful of seasons ago. His time with the Chicago Bears saw mixed results as an overall offensive line, but he put out good performances.

He has become the immediate impact starter for this offensive line that the team has been searching for. Daniels is still young and displays aggression and position flexibility in the interior of the trenches. He is a leader that will stabilize this offensive front that should improve from here on out.