2013 Steelers re-draft: Redeeming Pittsburgh’s shaky original draft class

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The Steelers had an up and down draft in 2013, but it is time to rewind and make better selections.

The 2013 NFL Draft was one pegged with some high-profile names, with many in the first round becoming busts. There were no marquee quarterbacks to name so different teams prioritized different positions at the start. It was an unusual first round, especially early on, with the number of positions taken before the first quarterback was at 16 overall.

This re-draft for the Steelers is just a simple and fun exercise to look back and see who they selected and which player should have been the pick. It is always easier to make these picks now almost ten years after this draft concluded. There are not too many rules that this process will go through.

The Steelers will have all their picks that they made in this draft, but they cannot complete any trades. If the player was still available when their pick is up, they can select that prospect. It was a fun game to play, and it led to a nice draft class overall.

Steelers take DeAndre Hopkins in the first round, not Jarvis Jones

The Steelers first-round selection was Jarvis Jones, but they could have gotten one of the best receivers in the game. DeAndre Hopkins is the first-round pick in this re-draft and the team could have had both Antonio Brown and Hopkins on the same team. That would have been one of the deadliest duos of all time.

Instead, Pittsburgh went with Jones. He was not able to do enough for this defense and quickly became a first-round bust. He had a highly productive career at Georgia, but he just could not put it together in the NFL.

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