5 Steelers that will have better statistics during the 2022 season

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The Steelers have some highly skilled players returning that will shoot for a more successful 2022 season.

The Steelers are coming off a season that was full of nostalgia that ultimately ended in sad defeat in the playoffs. It was an up and down year that brought a lot of memories with it along the way. Now the club heads in 2022 with many different faces, both new and old, into different roles on this team.

It will be interesting to see how some of these players that are given starter roles pan out. Many different additions in free agency and through the draft process have shaped this team into a new era. It should be fun to watch the new guys meld with the older veterans into a new unit on the football field.

This list of black and gold players will highlight those that are coming off performances in 2021 that left more to desire. These players are all at different points in their careers and will have another shot to prove themselves on this club. They are primed for a big year in their careers, for better or worse.

Pressley Harvin III should rebound for the Steelers punting game

Pressley Harvin III was a punter that people sought out to watch during his rookie campaign. He is a unique player at the position with the size differential that he brings along with him. His first year in the NFL was not up to the standard that many thought he would produce.

There were many different reasons for his poor play, one being the deaths of both his father and grandmother late last season. These tragedies are tough on anyone, and this affected his play. Harvin will have another chance to prove himself again with a fresh slate this year.