4 undrafted free agents who could make the Steelers roster

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The Steelers signed 14 free agents after the draft concluded and some of them could have a shot at making the final roster. 

The NFL Draft is always highlighted with the first couple of nights. Many forget what kind of quality talents have been found on the last day of the event or even later. Meanwhile, a large group of players do not hear their names called during the event and must sign on as undrafted free agents.

The Steelers are always active during this portion of the draft process as they have found some diamonds in the rough before. They kept that active streak alive by signing 14 players initially after the draft ended. Some of those players might even end up making the initial 53-man roster when it is all said and done.

There are certain positions that were not addressed to the point that Pittsburgh probably had hoped. These undrafted players could benefit from that and potentially get a chance to prove themselves. It will be interesting to see how these rookies perform.

Jordan Tucker could challenge for a depth tackle spot for the Steelers

Jordan Tucker comes out of the North Carolina program. He has the size that every team is searching for at the tackle position that he calls home. The best thing for this player and other tackles on this club, there are not too many to choose from now.

This could give Tucker a great opportunity to make the Steelers roster if he can show enough during the preseason process. He helped block for some of the best offenses in college football over several seasons, despite the program having a down year in 2021. He has a lot to prove, but he could beat out one of the bottom tackles for a spot on the roster.

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