Steelers fans need to watch these 2023 running back prospects

Syracuse Orange running back Sean Tucker (34) runs the ball against the Florida State Seminoles during the second half at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports
Syracuse Orange running back Sean Tucker (34) runs the ball against the Florida State Seminoles during the second half at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports /

The Steelers might not be desperate for a starting running back, but they should keep a close eye on the position.

This is another position that has youth on its side for the Steelers. Many might not think that this could be a pressing need for Pittsburgh, but it could turn out to be. The backup running back spot is still needed now, although Jaylen Warren deserves his shot to prove himself in 2022.

There could be a lot of interesting options in the 2023 NFL Draft at the position for the black and gold to scout. Taking a back here could allow for the team to have a deep room that would keep Harris from taking as many hits as he probably will this season. There should be some electric playmakers that will catch the eyes of many fans.

Bijan Robinson is the early favorite for the top back in the 2023 NFL Draft

Bijan Robinson is currently the consensus top running back heading into the college football season. The Junior has been able to compile a nice stat line and should be able to grow his production in 2022. He is young and electric with the ball in his hands, and he could be given more chances with an unexpected opportunity occurring.

Texas lost their starting quarterback for some time with an injury. That will lead to Robinson getting more carries to lead this offense with a strong ground game. This back put-up good numbers against a tough Alabama defense, which almost led to an upset in week one. Expect to hear his name often when you turn the TV on to watch college ball.

Zach Evans could be a part of an interesting pair for the Steelers

Zach Evans is another Junior that many across the country will keep a close eye on this season. He transferred to Ole Miss after spending his first two years with TCU. Many expect him to explode onto the scene with Lane Kiffin’s offense being available to compliment his game.

Right now, the status of Evans draft stock is at different points depending on who you ask. Some have him ranked higher based on potential and others have him lower since he has not shown enough as a true number one. The Steelers could consider him in the draft process if he slips throughout the year.

Jahmyr Gibbs is another solid back coming out of Alabama

Jaymyr Gibbs is another Junior that transferred from his original college after spending two seasons there. He started off at Georgia Tech before ending up at Alabama, where he is going to play a big part on offense. Gibbs has shown some of the best ability to be a dynamic back in both the run and passing game.

He has not put up super flashy numbers for a starting caliber player in college yet, but he was in a bad program before going to Alabama this year. He could be in store for a giant season that should push him into a first-round conversation when the draft gets closer. He almost put up 200 combined yards in week one against Texas, and that could lead to great things for him.

Sean Tucker is the sleeper right now coming out of Syracuse

Sean Tucker is one of the youngest prospects that could be entering the draft in 2023. He plays for Syracuse but put up a monster season just a year ago. That has led to some hype around his name, which could lead to further discussions about him jumping up draft boards when it is all said and done.

The Steelers should be interested in monitoring this player as he enters a season that could define his football career moving forward. In his first week of play, he totaled over 300 combined yards, both running and catching the ball. Tucker also added three total touchdowns to his performance in a monster game that has started off his 2022 campaign with bright lights shining down on him.

Honorable mentions at running back for the upcoming draft

Chris Rodriguez, RB, Kentucky 

Chris Rodriguez has gradually gotten better since coming to Kentucky. He seemed to be coming into a huge Senior season before he got arrested for DUI, which led to him being away from the game until the first of October. He should be able to bounce back in this dynamic Kentucky offense, but clubs will need to check off his character issues.

Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn 

Tank Bigsby is another Junior that could enter this draft if his 2022 season goes to plan. He would be an interesting option for the Steelers as well since he is a hard-nosed runner. He is off to a hot start to his year after putting up nearly 200 yards on the ground and added three touchdowns to boot in week one.

Devon Achane, RB, Texas A&M

Texas A&M had a two-headed monster at running back last season. Half of that monster left for the NFL and now Devon Achane will be the top dog in that group. He almost totaled a thousand yards last season and should be able to create the most of his opportunity this year.

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The Steelers could browse the running back prospect pool in the 2023 NFL Draft. There are some interesting options that could help Najee Harris in the backfield.