Mitch Trubisky will be top Steelers player to watch vs Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky (10) - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky (10) - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

Another slow start offensively has all eyes on Mitch Trubisky. Here is why he will be the Steelers player to watch in Week 3.

The desire to see Kenny Pickett take the field at Acrisure Stadium has been brewing in the souls of Steelers fans at a rapid clip. The first-round draft pick looms large on the depth chart behind Mitch Trubisky, and Steelers fans know it.

In the Steelers Week 2 matchup against the Patriots, chants for Pickett were heard loud and clear at Acrisure Stadium. But there was one problem with the chants, they were shouted as Mitch Trubisky took the field late in the game.

Was that the best way to cheer on a quarterback leading a struggling and poorly coached offense? Of course not, and shame on the Steelers fans that contributed to those chants.

However, Trubisky deserves to be evaluated critically. He should bear the blame for missing open receivers downfield or deciding to check down to the running back too often. Trubisky has been hesitant to push the ball down the field.

All eyes on should be on Trubisky in Steelers vs Browns

After recently admitting that he often lacks the freedom to call audibles, it appears that he has not been given the reigns that Ben Roethlisberger once proudly held. That is on the coaches, and they should be blamed for not trusting their quarterbacks’ judgment — offensive coordinator Matt Canada, in particular.

But Trubisky cannot allow their lack of trust to get in the way of him keeping his job as the starter. As a veteran, who has won in this league with a far worse team, Trubisky should have the vision and the freedom to see the defense and call audibles when appropriate.

Additionally, Trubisky can take control and call audibles and get his receivers in areas of the field they rarely attack, like the middle of the field. It should not stop with audibles. This past game against the Patriots has shown fans that the team scores better when they run a no-huddle offense.

Trubisky needs to step it up and play like his roster status is on the line, because the Steelers could easily place all of the blame on him and avoid being forced to make a coaching change at offensive coordinator.

If Trubisky cannot move the ball down the field and make in-game adjustments in their match-up against the Browns, then the chants for Kenny Pickett will be even louder next time he finds himself taking the field at Acrisure Stadium. That is if he gets the chance to take the field there again.

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Roethlisberger found success when he took control of the offense and drew up plays in the dirt. It might be wise for Trubisky to follow in his predecessors’ footsteps and start playing to win by taking control of the play calling. Otherwise, it will be Matt Canada’s world and we will just be living in it.