Steelers OC Matt Canada is on the hot seat… and rightfully so

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

Matt Canada does not seem to be getting the job done with his scripted offense. Here’s why the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator is on the hot seat.

The Steelers offense has been in a slump as of late since coming off a huge win in Cincinnati against division rivals the Bengals. Pittsburgh is now on a two-game losing streak. First losing at home in their home opener to the New England Patriots (17-14) and this past Thursday to their little brother of the AFC North division the Cleveland Browns (29-17).

As there is plenty of blame to go around the locker room, it’s no question that the blame can solely go on the offensive side of the ball due to the lack of points scored combined with the lack of time of possession in games so far this season.

It’s no secret that there are rumors that the Steelers players on the offensive side of the ball are getting fed up with Steelers offensive coordinator, Matt Canada, and his pathetic play-calling in games this season.

Over these past two weeks, players on the offense have spoken out about the play calling, lack of execution of the play calling, lack of creativity of the plays being called, and wanting more out of their offensive system.

The first one to speak out against it was current Steelers starting quarterback Mitch Tribusky. Here’s what he had to say via press Behind The Steel Curtain.

"” Call concepts to get receivers there. When the coverage dictates that, get them the ball within that. I saw a lot of post high, backers sitting in the middle, safety in the middle of the field. We like our outside matchups. We’ve got really good receivers. We’ve got really good talent across the board. We’d like to attack all areas of the field and get the ball to our playmakers. So, we could do a little bit better at everything for sure.”"

Trubisky stated this when asked about the play calling after the team’s first loss of the season to the New England Patriots.

The next one up is Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson who spoke out about the lack of production when asked about offense performance so far this season in an interview with a reporter from 93.7 The Fan.

"“We just make plays and hope the coaches call the right plays and put us in the right position. Obviously we didn’t do that. We have to go back to the drawing board next week.”"

But the outbursts didn’t stop there as wide receiver Chase Claypool became the most recent player from the team to speak out about the dilemma within the offense that is clearly holding the team back from its true potential.

When asked about the offense he stated (via Yahoo Sports) …

"“We got playmakers, but I don’t know if we have an identity, I think we’re still figuring that out.”"

Hearing things like this from star players on the team will without question create controversy between both the team and Steeler Nation who is not afraid to let the team know about themselves when they are not performing to the expectations.

Canada must help improve Steelers offense quickly

The Steelers are in need to get their act together before this Sunday when they are back home to host the New York Jets who are looking to bounce back this week after a disappointing loss at home against the Cincinnati Bengals (27-12).

The good news is they’re playing a team with possibly more flaws than they have but with less talent.  The Steelers can start on a good streak with wins heading into their bye week if dumb mistakes on offense are limited and more creativity is bought to the offense with the playbook that is now free to be opened with current players.

The Steelers will likely be underdogs all the way to November just like they are heading into this week, which plays out well for the Steelers as Tomlin’s record as an underdog heading into matchups is 46-26, according to Walter

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Yinzers can expect the Steelers to bounce back this week at home against the Jets as much momentum is needed for them heading into Buffalo the following week when they take on the favorites to win the AFC: the Bills. Steelers take on the Jets this Sunday at home in Acrisure Stadium at 1:00 pm ET airing on CBS Pittsburgh.