Steelers offense earns horrifying grade just in time for Halloween

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 30: Javon Hargrave #97 of the Philadelphia Eagles sacks Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lincoln Financial Field on October 30, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 30: Javon Hargrave #97 of the Philadelphia Eagles sacks Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lincoln Financial Field on October 30, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The offensive struggles continue for the Steelers as they could not find their footing against the Eagles. 

Another week has passed by and that means the Steelers offense has failed to register anywhere near 20 points or more in a game. It is quite amazing what this group possesses with the lack of ability and coordination. You can blame Matt Canada all you want, but this is a problem that extends beyond his terrible play-calling. Here’s why their offense was so pitiful against the Eagles on the eve of Halloween:

Pickett had one of his worst games of his rookie season to date

Everyone wants to coddle Kenny Pickett, and it makes sense as they are terrified of bumping his confidence down. You do not need to worry about that because the team surrounding him is already doing that. Being a rookie in the NFL is hard, but he has not shown enough bright spots yet to make you excited about what he will be.

Grade: D-

Things were not pretty for Pickett even with all the different scenarios that were playing out around him. He does not have a great supporting cast surrounding him, but he did not make plays that should be completed on his part. His confidence and swagger still seem there so that could lend some hope. To all the fans that do not want to hear the tough criticism, Pickett has four times as many interceptions than passing touchdowns to date, that is not acceptable.

Jaylen Warren is proving to be the more explosive running back

We head to another hill where people will die on, and that is the defense of Najee Harris. Yes, the offensive line in front of him is questionable at best, but there are some major mistakes that Harris has been making. He is not immune to scrutiny as Jaylen Warren has brought a nice change of pace when he enters the game as the running back.

Grade: C-

Both running backs had different outcomes in this contest. Harris made some terrible plays that should be making some wonder what kind of things he has been able to accomplish this season. Warren had an explosive day running the ball and he deserves some extra playing time, especially if the run game continues like it is.

The Steelers receivers were mostly quiet during this contest

Blaming Canada here makes sense as many of the different targets come from his playbook. The fact that George Pickens only got three targets during the entire game is a travesty. He has shown the best ability to be the best of all the receivers on the Steelers roster, yet the club refuses to find ways of getting him the football.

Grade: D+

Not much to like in this game as most of them were quiet, but the targets were not there either. It has been tough watching this receiver group attempt to get open all year but they seem almost surprised sometimes when the ball actually goes their way. It was not a banner day for these receivers as the rest of the offense did not accomplish much as a whole either.

Pat Freiermuth had a decent game but could have been better

Tight end has become a brighter spot for this offense, which should not be a shocker with Pat Freiermuth in the fold. He had another solid outing as he led the team in receiving yards against the Eagles. That is something you probably do not want to happen, especially since he only carried an underwhelming 57 receiving yards on the stat sheet.

Grade: C

Nothing special from Freiermuth either, even though he has been one of the more consistent offensive pieces. He cannot be the top receiver on offense, especially with the lack of targets over the middle of the field that this offense neglects. The rest of the tight end room has been relatively quiet without much to write home about.

The offensive line played to the level that most people feared

Everyone expected this offensive line to play as poorly as they did against Philadelphia. They were terrible as a group in both the run game and when Pickett dropped back to pass. It was beyond ugly as the Eagles were able to make significant pushes and beat the man in front of them on a consistent basis.

Grade: F-

If there was a lower grade than an F-, this group would deserve it. Sadly, the grading scale does not go any lower and we must suffice with this debauchery. There was no player along the Steelers offensive trenches that deserves any form of praise as Pickett ran for his life and Harris might have zero confidence after that game, no matter if his issues are self-inflicted or not.

Steelers offense overall grade: F-

Matt Canada needs to be fired during this bye week, it is overdue. This offense is not getting any better. Give Mike Sullivan a chance for the remainder of the season as the interim offensive coordinator, and if he is not the answer then get an outside hire this offseason. The Steelers need to start making moves now or Pickett and his young teammates might be ruined.

No matter what happens with Canada, these players need to focus on their jobs first. The game against the Eagles was the worst they played, even though they did not match their lowest point total. It was ugly in every aspect and this unit continues to surprise us with unique ways of being terrible.

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The Steelers offense continues to be putrid and the coaching staff remains the same. There seems to be no hope in sight for this group that needs an overhaul.