Winners and losers from the Steelers pathetic loss to Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris (22) Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris (22) Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /

It was yet another ugly loss for the Steelers, and here are the losers from the devastating game against the Eagles.

The Steelers absolutely needed a win against the Eagles given their current record. That was never expected to be an easy game, as the Eagles are the best team in the league record-wise and boasted a powerful offense and defense. Instead of a competitive game, Pittsburgh rolled over and lost easily to Philadelphia.

The team enters a much-needed bye week, but any sort of a successful season seems dim. Both sides of the team are a mess right now, and the proclaimed stars of the team have struggled to make an impact. There are no winners from this week. Even though players like Pat Freiermuth and Jaylen Warren had solid games, there are no true winners from this shameful game. Here are the losers from this pathetic outing.

Steelers Losers:

Ahkello Witherspoon

As quickly as he got back on the field, Ahkello Witherspoon was ushered off of it. While being tasked with covering A.J. Brown isn’t easy, he got burned twice for long touchdowns. Witherspoon has size and athleticism but couldn’t match up with Brown deep. He was benched for James Pierre, and overall, it was a horrible showing for Witherspoon.

Kenny Pickett

This is becoming an ugly trend. Is the entire offense struggling Kenny Pickett’s fault? No, but the rookie is making a lot of mistakes which is costing the team. Add in his lack of ability to progress through reads, the focus on short passes, and now the mediocre deep accuracy, and things look bad for Pickett. He needs a hard reset during the bye week.

Najee Harris

Najee Harris has yet to have a dynamic game this season despite being drafted as a game-changer on offense. The first half was one of the worst first halves I have ever seen from Harris. He was outproduced by Warren for most of the game, and the production he did get on the ground was a result of late-game loosened defenses.

Harris is trying to do too much despite not having an elite line or the athleticism in space to make a big move. That was apparent on his reception when all he needed was two yards in front of him but opted to dance around in hopes of making a big play but got swarmed instead. He’s had a horrible season and is to blame for the struggles of this offense.

The entire team

I mean, at this point there isn’t much positive to say about this team. Are there some good core players, yes, but the team as a whole is a mess. We are told there will be changes but get the same stale game plan every week. From the top-down changes need to be made, as this consistently poor play is hard to watch.

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It was yet another horrible week of football from this franchise, and there aren’t a lot of positives to focus on heading into the bye week. Changes need to be made soon for this team. Another week of mediocrity has made this franchise hard to watch right now.