Steelers offense grades out poorly after their bye week

Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Steelers signals while warming up prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium on October 09, 2022 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images)
Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Steelers signals while warming up prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium on October 09, 2022 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) /

The offense has failed to excel at any aspect this season and it is having disastrous impacts on this football team.

The Steelers offense this season has almost been non-existent with the inability that they possess. It is a young group that is still trying to find its footing behind one of the worst coordinators in the league. Matt Canada has failed this team again and he will be without a job after the year is over. He is the scapegoat, but there are many issues that these players are not fixing right now either.

Pickett has been a turnover machine since taking over for Trubisky

It did not take long before Kenny Pickett took over as the starting quarterback for Pittsburgh. Mitch Trubisky led a boring attack that did not do any favors for his career moving forward. Things have been shaky for Pickett in his rookie year after showing some promising plays against the New York Jets.

Grade: D

No matter how you look at the position, there is not a ton of good coming from these quarterbacks in the first half of the schedule. Pickett has not been spectacular, you can blame Canada all you want, but it is not his fault with the number of interceptions the rookie has thrown. Perhaps it is a culmination of things, but there needs to be signs of improvement in this position or things could get uglier than they already are.

Warren has done a nice job but Harris continues to be a disappointment

Another position that if under better circumstances could have performed at a higher level. The offensive line has been poor for most of the season, but especially in the run game. Najee Harris seems like he could still be recovering from an injury, and that could be setting him back. Jaylen Warren has been a spark on offense during the first part of his rookie year.

Grade: D+

Harris still seems off, no matter if it is because of the poor blocking in front of him or not, he has not looked like last year’s back. He continues to be brought down easily and fails to make the routine plays that should give him better opportunities. Warren has been more explosive of the two but this group has not been able to do enough to take some of the weight off of the Steelers quarterback.

The receiving group has not been able to accomplish a lot

Diontae Johnson and George Pickens are going to be counted on much more in the second half of the season. Chase Claypool was traded to the Bears after he could not fit into his new role with the Steelers. This group has not been able to get enough chances, which has led to a worse offense and terrible stat sheets for them as individuals.

Grade: C+

Nothing special from this group yet, but you cannot blame them entirely. A changeup at quarterback and a rookie being at the helm normally does not light the world on fire. A poor offensive scheme that neglects taking shots, especially over the middle of the field, has taken a toll on this group. There have been countless times where these players are wide open and are never looked at.

Freiermuth has been able to find ways of being consistent

Consistency is hard to find among this offense, but tight end has been one of the better positions. Pat Freiermuth continues to blossom into a star for this team at tight end. He has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career, but he plays a huge role on this team and will continue that moving forward.

Grade: B-

Each of the three players at the position have chipped into big plays on special teams and offense this year. Connor Heyward had a huge play against Tampa, and Zach Gentry has been solid as the Steelers second option. Freiermuth is the top dog on offense, and this might be one of the better groups when you are talking about depth.

The offensive line has been a rocky road for the team in 2022

We reach the melting point of the team as it continues to be the main focus of contention. This group has performed at a decent level during some games, but they have also done terrible things as well. If they could just level themselves out as an average or above-average group, then many will notice the difference across the board.

Grade: D-

The Steelers offensive line still needs a ton of help when this offseason rolls around, but the amount of help is still up in the air. If some of these starters can be more consistent like Mason Cole and others, then Pittsburgh will be more comfortable moving forward with them. If not, then left tackle and center will be huge needs this offseason.

Steelers offense overall grade: F

There are a lot of negative things that you can take away from the offense in the first half of their season. The black and gold still need a lot of work to do for this group to get better and grow to the point of where they need to be. They will need to figure out which players are good enough to get them to that point, and which will have to become expendable.

The Steelers will need to invest into this unit heavily during the offseason and find different solutions to their problems. Showing signs of improvement and consistency is going to be the major thing for this group with the remaining games they have. Canada will be gone, but this offense will need to find ways to be a positive influence on this clubs’ outcomes.

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The Steelers offense has been one of the worst run units in the NFL. They are almost dead last in every category and the results that they have put out are a reflection of that.