Winners and losers from Steelers devastating loss to Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris (22)the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pa. The Cincinnati Bengals won, 37-30.Nfl Cincinnati Bengals At Pittsburgh Steelers Nov 20 0106
Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris (22)the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pa. The Cincinnati Bengals won, 37-30.Nfl Cincinnati Bengals At Pittsburgh Steelers Nov 20 0106 /

The Steelers failed to keep up with the Bengals in the second half of the game, and here are the winners and losers from the bought.

The Steelers looked like a solid team in the first half of a game that they needed to win. Their defense was more than holding its own and the offense was surprisingly efficient and effective in moving the ball. Then the second half began, and the team stalled out. The defense had its highs and lows, but the offense became a shell of what it had looked like in the first half.

The team fell to a miserable 3-7 now because of it, and things look pretty dim. There were some positives from this game, but the issues surrounding this team are hard to get past. This team is still shooting itself in the foot most weeks, and it doesn’t seem like this season is going to have any sort of a rebound. Here are the winners and losers from the Steelers loss to the Bengals.

Steelers winners:

Pat Freiermuth:

Pat Freiermuth is one of the most consistent and talented players on this offense right now. He is a physical force with the ball in his hands and has become a quality safety valve for this offense. The overall lack of consistency out of the quarterback play has held him back slightly, but h has still proven to be a great threat for this offense. Add in the quality blocking and you have an up-and-coming tight end on your hands.

George Pickens:

While he does get dinged for some childish actions and mistakes late in the game, George Pickens is the entire receiver room right now. He is far and away the most talented receiver on this roster, as his hands and body control are nearly elite. His route running is improving, and once he gets more nuanced there, he will likely be a top threat in the league.

Najee Harris:

Another solid game out of Najee Harris, and the bye week seemed to get him refocused on taking the yards in front of him and running with power as opposed to trying to win in space. He had quite a few great runs, including his early touchdown score. Add in his effectiveness in the receiving game and it was another good day for the former top pick.

The Steelers defensive line:

The defense as a whole was a mixed bad on the day, but the line had an overall great day for the team. The unit was stout against the run and were regularly getting pressure on Joe Burrow. T.J. Watt was a force as usual while the rest of the group was regularly disrupting the Bengals offense. It was a good day for the group as a whole despite some of the other struggles the defense faced.

Steelers losers:

Robert Spillane:

I can’t figure out why the Steelers are so insistent on playing Robert Spillane so much. As a special team and backup linebacker, the team could do far worse, but they consistently put him out on passing downs and he gets exploited. The same happened this week, and add in his mediocre tackling and it was a tough game for the veteran.

Diontae Johnson:

I don’t believe the struggles have been all on him, but Diontae Johnson has seemingly faded away from the offense this season. He never had a good rapport with either quarterback so far, or his unique ability to win after the catch hasn’t been utilized. It isn’t all his fault, but you would expect a receiver of his caliber to be making more plays to this point.

Matt Canada:

Last week almost looked like a turning point for Canada as the offense moved far better than we had seen previously. The same could be said in the first half, as the offense was fine at moving the ball and picking up points. The second half stalled, and it completely destroyed this team. Quick drives forced the defense to play more, and they stalled under the increased duress. His play calling is predictable and bad, and the team really needs to move on from him at this point.

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A promising start ended in a similar fashion to most Steelers games this season, with disappointment. The team struggled in the second half to do much of anything, and they are now essentially knocked out of any sort of contention. It was a disappointing finish to a strong start in week 10.