Pending Steelers free agents who are likely gone after 2022

Cameron Sutton #20 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images)
Cameron Sutton #20 of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) /
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The Steelers have a lengthy list of free agents in 2023, and here are the four who have likely played their way off the team.

The Steelers season is wrapping up, and the focus of fans and the team is switching to the offseason. While there are a slew of issues this team needs to tackle, they also have a lengthy list of pending free agents to deal with. A lot of those names will be contending for small deals, but there are also a handful that are established starters whose contracts are up.

While many are calling for an aggressive overhaul, you have to remember that this team has a lot of holes to fill. You can’t build a roster of completely new faces, as there will be no unity amongst the players and more issues will then present themselves. That said, the decisions on who stays concerning these four players seems easy, as it seems unlikely that they will return in 2023.

Steelers have seen the end of Alualu

Tyson Alualu was one of the more surprising free-agent additions to this team a few years back. Brought in to be a rotation defensive end, he was a fine backup that then saw a second deal with the team. He moved to nose tackle and looked surprisingly dominant, leading to another deal with the Steelers.

He was lost last season due to injury and looks his age this year as he has reverted back to being mostly a backup. Given his age, it seems likely that Alualu ends up retiring as opposed to just signing elsewhere. No matter what he decides to do with his career though, Alualu is playing his final season with the Steelers as it seems unlikely that he returns in 2023.