Steelers must fire these coaches during the 2023 offseason

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

The Steelers season has been an overall disappointment, and here are the three coaches that must be fired during the 2023 offseason.

The Steelers season has been a bitter disappointment. While most fans expected some form of regression due to the extreme amount of roster turnover, this offense and defense have consistently played poorly, and the coaching staff has done little to fix it. Because of this, there are some names that need to be let go and replaced.

The Steelers are one of the more loyal franchises in the league. They typically give a coach some time for things to connect before cutting bait with them. That said, these three coaches stick out as sore thumbs. Their units aren’t performing well, and something needs to be done about it. Here are three coaches that the Steelers should fire after the season wraps up.

Steelers need a new linebackers coach

The Steelers have been lacking at the off-ball linebacker position ever since Ryan Shazier was lost due to his injury. The team has tried a myriad of options there since, but the group as a whole has been disappointing. This year, the team got serious by adding an established name in Myles Jack to the group. The unit is still disappointing though.

Jerry Olsavsky has been coaching for 12 years, but I think his time has come. They never got enough out of Devin Bush, and the remainder of the roster has been lacking. Olsavsky has had some success in years past, but the group needs some new help and a different direction. Olsavsky has been a valuable coach, but the time has come for the team to move on from him.

Steelers need an upgraded special teams unit

The longest-tenured coach on this list, Danny Smith has been coaching for close to 30 years and has been the Steelers special teams coordinator since 2013. He has had quite a bit of success since then, including a long stretch of talented kickers aiding this team. Recently though, the entire special teams unit has been lacking.

Pressley Harvin, while better than last season, is still inconsistent. The Steelers also invested a good chunk of money into special teams coverage players. That said, this unit hasn’t been that great, giving up multiple long returns. The return game has been just as bad. Smith hasn’t gotten the most out of this unit despite there being a good deal of investment in it, and Smith may need to be replaced in 2023.

Steelers can’t afford to keep Canada

A name on everyone’s list this offseason, Matt Canada has really done the least this season in terms of providing a capable offense. The schemes have been predictable, the play calling juvenile, and this unit as a whole has tanked with Canada at the helm. He is easily the most deserving coach to get fired this offseason.

While his record as the offensive coordinator alone is an offense worth firing him over, the Steelers have Kenny Pickett around, and he needs a capable coordinator to help him develop. Keeping Canada around prolongs his path as a quarterback. The team needs to prioritize getting a capable coordinator that can make Pickett a better player overall.

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The Steelers will have quite a bit of change again this offseason as this team attempts to get back on track. These three coaches stick out as underperforming ones that need to be replaced. Be on the lookout for who the Steelers can replace these coaches with during 2023.