An in-depth review of Steelers Kenny Pickett’s rookie season

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The Steelers made Kenny Pickett their quarterback of the future, and here is my opinion of his play as a rookie.

The Kenny Pickett saga felt like a roller coaster at times. Pickett saw various highs and lows as a rookie from a better-than-expected preseason to waiting on the bench, to interception-heavy early games, to finally calming down a bit. Sometimes he looked like the next great quarterback, and other times he looked incredibly flawed as a player.

With the season now over, I wanted to take the time to break down what went well for Pickett and what left me wanting more. To be honest, I was disappointed when his rookie season wrapped up (more on that soon). That doesn’t mean he was abysmal, but I certainly had higher expectations of Pickett before the season began.

What I’m comparing to the Steelers quarterback

To be clear, this is my overall view of Pickett’s entire rookie season. From his first snaps against the Jets to his final drive against the Browns. I intend to highlight the areas in which he both improved or failed to progress. This should be an encompassing study as I try to find the best of what Pickett has to offer and the worst of what he did.

While many blame his struggles on a lacking offense, I’m trying to not take that much into account. The play calling could have been better, and the offense was a lacking unit overall, but some of that Pickett overcame while other aspects he didn’t. I want this to be focused on Pickett’s play overall.

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