10 greatest single-season performances in Pittsburgh Steelers history

Pittsburgh Steelers, Rod Woodson
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7. Antonio Brown, 2015

Antonio Brown burnt every bridge with the Pittsburgh Steelers and eventually became one of the least-likable players in franchise history due to his antics. But before all of this, he was on track to be one of the most productive receivers in NFL history.

Brown had a six-year stretch in Pittsburgh that may never again be matched by a Steelers wide receiver. As a former sixth-round pick, Brown worked his way up the latter -- earning Pro Bowl honors as a return man in 2011 before exploding with 1,499 yards in 2013.

In 2015, Brown hit new heights. The All-Pro receiver caught 136 passes for 1,834 yards and 10 touchdowns. For as much volume as he received, he somehow managed to catch 70.5 percent of his targets and earn a remarkable 9.5 yards per target.

His outstanding season saw him finish second in the NFL in Offensive Player of the Year voting with more First-Team All-Pro honors. The Steelers finished 7th in the NFL in scoring and 3rd in yards in 2015, and Brown deserves a ton of credit with the best single season from a wide receiver in Pittsburgh history.