10 realistic free agents the Steelers could sign in 2024

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Tennessee Titans cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting (0) / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA
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As we inch closer to the start of the new league year, Steelers fans are running rampant with what free-agent or agents they want to see the team sign. While quite a few of these names have merit, there is also the usual slog of big names that this team rarely ever targets.

While not in purgatory as has been the case in years past, the Steelers don’t have ample cap space to make any of the biggest moves. Instead, expect their recent trend of one or two core starters and some versatile depth to be the way this team spends in free agency.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of realistic free agents for this team to target this offseason. No, these aren’t the most attractive names, but I think they all fit what this team wants. Here are my ten realistic free agents for the Steelers to target this offseason.

Steelers could target Tommy Townsend

It is rare for top punters to enter free agency. Teams like to keep the good ones given their cheap contracts, so anyone allowed to test free agency is usually a cast-off. It seems like one of the better names in the league, Tommy Townsend is going to at least test free agency, as the Chiefs need to get creative with their cap and they just signed Matt Ariza to potentially replace him.

While he will cost more than the typical veteran minimum contract, it would be well worth investing a little into the position with Townsend. He doesn’t possess the biggest leg, but he is very accurate and can flip the field when needed. Most importantly, he is consistent, something the team hasn’t had in recent years.

Even with a new scheme, the Steelers offense will benefit from a good punter. They won’t likely be scoring at a rapid rate, so having a competent field flipper will be key. They didn’t have that consistently with Pressley Harvin, so it makes sense to invest and get someone who can do that.