10 realistic free agents the Steelers could sign in 2024

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Steelers could target Matt Hennessy

This is the first of a few repeats from my free agents with Steelers connections piece from a few weeks ago. It makes sense, as this team has a type when they target free agents, and it usually centers around players they have shown interest in from the past. Despite a new regime in place, I think this team could kick the tires on some former prospects that they liked.

One that makes a lot of sense and that I am rooting for to happen is Matt Hennessy. The Falcons interior lineman looked like an ascending player, after the 2021 season, as he was the starter at center and played relatively well. The issue seemed to be his pass blocking though, and Atlanta decided to move him to guard in 2022 with the emergence of Drew Dalman.

Hennessy was far less efficient here, and he failed to recapture the stretch of solid play from his second season. He missed all of last year with an injury, so his value is likely at, or close to, the minimum. That is perfect for the Steelers though, as he can be signed on the cheap and serve as depth if he doesn’t win out as the starter.

How I would personally play this is to cut Mason Cole for the cap relief, sign Hennessy to a cheap deal, and pick a center in the draft to compete for the starting gig. More than likely, Hennessy will go back to the bench, but he can back up multiple interior spots in a pinch. Add in the predraft interest in him from 2020 and this seems like a logical move for the team.