10 realistic free agents the Steelers could sign in 2024

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Steelers could target Ryan Tannehill

I feel like whenever you mention the potential of Ryan Tannehill coming to the Steelers, fans freak out and cite that he isn’t going to make this team a Super Bowl contender. They are right, he won’t, but there isn’t a realistic quarterback that will. When it comes down to Mason Rudolph and Tannehill (the front runners to be in the quarterback mix), it comes down to how this team views Kenny Pickett.

If the Steelers are ready to throw in the towel, Rudolph is the logical name. He essentially beat out Pickett late last season and looked like an improvement from the horrid quarterback play Pickett provided. If this team wants to have Pickett still be their guy but provide a backup-comfortable option, Tannehill makes more sense.

That isn’t to say there wouldn’t be a competition, there would be, and Tanehill, to his credit, played his best football with Smith as his offensive coordinator. If Pickett continues to play like a mediocre starter, Tannehill will be right behind him vying for playing time.

Fans are convinced that the quarterback room needs to be resolved this season. While I am the first to admit Pickett isn’t a long-term guy, the Steelers lack the resources to get that guy this year. Instead, a down year featuring Pickett and a safe backup like Tannehill makes a lot of sense to me.