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Chicago Bears defensive back Jaylon Johnson (33)
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Steelers could sign Lloyd Cushenberry

Center has been nothing short of a disaster since the Steelers saw Maurkice Pouncey retire. The team rolled out Kendrick Green as a rookie to disastrous results. The next offseason they added Mason Cole to stabilize the position. He looked the part in his first year, but he failed to play well at all last year.

While drafting a capable rookie would be great, there is no guarantee that they can land one of the top names. If they do decide to go the veteran route, spending a little extra for a capable veteran is a wise move. That is where Lloyd Cushenberry comes into the equation.

Cushenberry has become a stable force at center for the Broncos. He was a plug-and-play center since being drafted, and has gotten better every season since entering the league. He is a competent pass blocker and a strong run blocker. He also has the size you want in a center, something the team didn’t get with Green.

While he was a part of the weird 2020 draft class, Pittsburgh was doing their due diligence on him by visiting with him in the pre-draft process. Had the Steelers actually drafted him, they likely wouldn’t have to turn to a Green in the next year. The Steelers can make this mistake right this offseason by signing him.