15 biggest Pittsburgh Steelers roster busts of all-time

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The Steelers drafted a linebacker, a cornerback, and a running back whose careers fell short of expectations

When we selected Jarvis Jones with the seventh pick of the 2013 draft, it was met with some questions, at least for me. Jones was a really good athlete in college, but I thought that he wasn't as strong at the point of attack as James Harrison, the player he was ostensibly drafted to replace.

Harrison, much to my dismay, played the 2013 with another team, thus the need to replace him. Jones was supposed to be that replacement. That never happened. Jones played for the Steelers for four seasons, playing in fifty games, starting thirty-five of them, and accumulating a woeful six sacks. Not sure what else to say about that.

Coming in at number five on our list is Artie Burns, our first-round pick in the 2016 draft. Burns flashed promise in his rookie campaign, starting nine games and nabbing three INTs. In his second season, Burns started all sixteen games and nabbed one INT. By season three, Burns was essentially relegated to a back-up role, starting only six games.

What was evident to me by year three was that Burns had become somewhat of a liability in coverage. In 2018, he gave completions at a sixty-four percent clip. Yikes. Burns lasted one more season with us before moving on to another team. I would categorize Burns as promise unfulfilled.

Grabbing the number four spot on our list is Tim Worley, a running back out of Georgia we drafted in the first round in 1989. What was interesting about the 1989 draft is this: the Steelers had two first-round picks in that draft, neither of whom made much of an impact during their tenure.

What was also interesting about the 1989 draft is this: a Hall of Fame running back was selected four spots ahead of Worley. I dare say that Barry Sanders, the aforementioned running back, would have looked pretty good in Black and Gold.

In any event, we drafted Worley who played four seasons for us, rushed for thirteen-hundred and thirty-eight yards, and scored a total of five rushing TDs. Worley was out of football after playing two seasons for the Chicago Bears.

Let's see who comes in at the third, second, and first spots on our list. We are in the home stretch.