15 Players the Pittsburgh Steelers gave up on way too soon

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Football is a crazy sport, to begin with, but there are different factors that defy the odds throughout its history. You will see these amazing stories develop if you look through different stories in the NFL, let alone when you specify the history of football in Pittsburgh. The Steelers have had a ton of talent come and go throughout their 90 years of existence.

Sometimes the best choices are not made with the roster that they construct and players that depart the organization benefit from a change of scenery. Sometimes their best days were in the Steelers uniform during their careers. The football team in Pittsburgh has made mistakes in the past for not keeping certain players around and letting them walk when they would have been better off as a team if these players stuck around.

Rod Woodson should have been a member of the Steelers for life

It's more of an honorable mention here with Rod Woodson as most of his stellar seasons in the NFL were with the Steelers. He was a Hall of Famer with his long-standing performances in the Steel City and that proved to be an amazing run. The black and gold had Woodson on their team for most of his career, but they refused to keep him around for his entire years of playing in the NFL.

After no contract extension was agreed upon, Woodson would eventually go on to play for three other teams before retiring from football. His talent level warranted him as a franchise player, but the black and gold refused to make that happen. Woodson went on to have great seasons and even won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens back in 2001.