15 Players the Pittsburgh Steelers gave up on way too soon

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Bam Morris could not last long in the NFL but he would have been better off in Pittsburgh

As stated earlier in the article, Barry Foster was only a part of the running back tandem of the Steelers in 1994. He would eventually retire, and the other half of that tandem would get more opportunities to become the main horse in the stable. Bam Morris is an interesting story for the history of the running back position for the Steelers.

Morris was a back that ran like a tank and was able to use his size to his advantage. He was never able to fully become a top back for Pittsburgh, but he was able to put up some mind-boggling numbers. He only started ten games over two seasons with the black and gold which allowed him to total nearly 1,400 rushing yards and tally 16 touchdowns on the ground.

It was a promising start for Morris and his role with the Steelers during his first two seasons in the league. Unfortunately for all involved, Morris had some off the field concerns that led to his release by Pittsburgh. He would sign with the Baltimore Ravens, where he started to earn more starts. He was never able to get over 1,000 rushing yards in a season, but he could never become a top starter either.

Morris is a story that could have been much better if he was able to stay away from issues off the field in Pittsburgh. He was a promising back that put up fantastic numbers in a reduced role on offense. It is another story that makes you wonder what could have been if the black and gold decided to hang onto him rather than let him go after the incident.