15 Players the Pittsburgh Steelers gave up on way too soon

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Barry Foster had some great seasons during his short time in the Steel City

Someone that is easily lost in the history of the franchise is Barry Foster. He is an unsung hero after producing a strong career during his short stint of playing time in the NFL. Even though he only played five seasons in the professional ranks, he still made an impact on the Steelers that is still felt to this day in the history books.

To this day, Foster holds the record for most rushing yards in a single season by a running back in Steelers history. That total was an eye popping 1,690 yards on the ground. That impressive feat is something that many fans might have forgotten about. The biggest issue that Foster and the team faced in the 90s was the lack of passing attack.

That caused the offense to heavily rely on their running game as their main source of points. Neil O'Donnell had a couple of respectable seasons that allowed for the offense to become more balanced than they were when Bubby Brister was at the helm. Another running back did take away some thunder from Foster in the 1994 season.

Bam Morris was someone that the Steelers used as a Robin to Fosters Batman when things started to happen with injuries. Foster struggled with that throughout his career, and it often hindered him, which ultimately led to his stunning retirement at a young age. Morris was able to produce good numbers in his absence, but you have to wonder what Foster could have been if he could have just stayed healthy.