2023 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers luck into the player they have been eyeing

Bryce Young, Steelers
Bryce Young, Steelers / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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The Steelers were able to luck out and have one of their top targets fall to their pick at 17th overall. The rest of the draft saw some major runs on both quarterback and offensive tackle positions. It will be interesting to see how the draft shakes out, especially with teams having different grades on the top four quarterbacks this year.

1. 87. Quarterback. Alabama. Bryce Young. player. .

NFL mock draft pick 1: QB Bryce Young

Word on the street is that Bryce Young is going to be the top selection in the draft. He is an explosive playmaker, but his size could become a major concern. His small stature could lead to him struggling to read the field properly, and injuries could hamper his career. The NFL is a totally different beast, but the Panthers hope to secure a franchise guy at number one after making the trade earlier this offseason.

Quarterback. Ohio State. 10. player. . . C.J. Stroud. 2

NFL mock draft pick 2: QB C.J. Stroud

Even though Houston would probably prefer Young, they have to settle with C.J. Stroud with the second overall pick. He is an accurate quarterback that had a strong career during his time at Ohio State. There have been rumors lately that the Texans might not take a quarterback here, but that would make no sense. Take the young quarterback and hope for the best.

TRADE: Arizona receives picks 5 & 20. Seattle receives picks 3 & 96.

36. 3. Quarterback. Florida. Anthony Richardson. player. .

NFL mock draft pick 3: QB Anthony Richardson

Trading back a couple of spots would be a wise decision for the Cardinals, especially as they add an extra first round selection this year. Seattle is noticing the run-on quarterbacks and has seemingly fallen in love with the ceiling of Anthony Richardson. They take him here to learn behind Geno Smith before taking the reins.

Quarterback. Kentucky. Will Levis. player. . . 4. 46

NFL mock draft pick 4: QB Will Levis

Here is one selection that makes too much sense for it not to become reality. Will Levis has a ton of pre-draft connections with Indianapolis throughout this process. He is a big gamble as many scouts hope that he can turn into Josh Allen, but that is not a great thought process just based on size comparison. Trading up for a guy that had to transfer just to start at the collegiate level is normally not the best course of action.