2024 NFL Draft: 5 Offensive Prospects Steelers fans must watch at the Senior Bowl

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Another mid to late round QB option for the Steelers could be Spencer Rattler

Adding another quarterback option here as plenty will be present and playing at the Senior Bowl. Many quality quarterbacks have come out of the event in the past and the Steelers even saw Kenny Pickett play there a couple of years ago. Milton was mentioned earlier in the article and a couple of other mid to late-round options could also intrigue the Steelers.

Spencer Rattler is a name that could be interesting to many. His fall from grace was as quick during his time at Oklahoma. The hype around him as a prospect coming out of high school was real. He took over as the Oklahoma Sooners starter after Kyler Murray left for the NFL. Rattler had mixed results at Oklahoma and was eventually replaced as the starter by none other than Caleb Williams.

Rattler eventually transferred to South Carolina and remained their starter during his time there. He didn't produce earth shaking-numbers, but he was able to help make that program competitive again. He has a ton of starting experience as a starter coming into the NFL. That is a positive, but he hasn't put up great numbers since his first year starting at Oklahoma.

Rattler probably won't ever be a starter in the NFL, but he has all the physical tools besides his size, that every scout is looking for. Would be a nice get in the middle rounds of the upcoming draft for the Steelers to develop behind the two quarterbacks going for the starting job. Rattler could make his way into the day two conversation if he has a great week at the Senior Bowl.