2024 NFL Draft Preview: Top Quarterbacks for Steelers fans to keep an eye on

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Coming off a giant year, Drake Maye could see his draft stock sky rocket

Replacing a successful quarterback in a program is no easy task, outplaying him is even crazier. That is exactly what happened to Drake Maye as he had to replace Sam Howell after he got drafted by the Washington Commanders. Howell had a conflicting career of numbers during his time at North Carolina, and that cost him to drop in the draft.

His NFL career has seen one start come his way, which did show some promise, but his future is still up in the air. Maye is a special type of prospect heading into the season, but we have seen previous North Carolina quarterbacks enter the year with hype after a huge season just a year prior. Will Maye be next to underperform?

He has all the tools that every NFL team is looking for in their franchise quarterback. If an organization could create a player at the position in a lab, it is likely they would result with some iteration of Maye's stature and play style. Pressure does not seem to get to Maye as he is always able to make throws or extend plays with his feet when necessary.

The Steelers currently have a former North Carolina alum on their team in Mitch Trubisky. He was a highly regarded quarterback coming out of college. Maye is a highly regarded player heading into this season. He is best when he can play in structure, but he is able to run when needed too, which is an impressive thing to have in your arsenal.