2024 NFL Draft Preview: Top Running backs for Steelers fans to keep an eye on

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Braelon Allen could carry on Wisconsin's excellent NFL production at running back

There are a lot of things to like about Braelon Allen and what he has brought to the Wisconsin Badgers football program. He has seen a ton of comparisons brought his way and it could be fair to say he is like a mixture of Jonathan Taylor and Derrick Henry in some ways. Perhaps giving out that comparison is unfair to a college player, but he is a big back that produces at a high level.

Most of the recent history of the Badgers program has been filled with utter disappointment. The good news is that they have a star running back and they play in the weaker side of the Big Ten conference. Allen should be able to still put up some quality numbers, even though his chances might dwindle some.

With a new coach in the fold, the offense seems to be leaning more toward an air raid attack. That could limit the number of chances that Allen gets the ball in a game and could sink his numbers when compared to years prior. A good thing that could come from that change is Allen showing more as a receiver for his position and becoming more well-rounded.

One thing that makes Allen stick out among his fellow classmates in the 2024 NFL draft is his size. He uses that to his advantage and continuously finds different ways to bowl over the competition in front of him. His biggest issue will be his lateral quickness, but he plays the brand of football that the Steelers love to see.