2024 NFL Draft Preview: Top wide receivers for Steelers fans to keep an eye on

Steelers, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Steelers, Marvin Harrison Jr. / Joseph Scheller/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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Xavier Worthy has a lot to build off of to increase his draft stock

One of the better proven receivers in this class is Xavier Worthy coming out of Texas. He has been one of the steadiest potential prospects coming out of the 2024 NFL draft. He has yet to have an explosive season with breaking over 1,000 receiving yards, but he has shown back-to-back quality years in both his freshman and sophomore seasons.

Another receiver here that is described as speedy and able to get to the next gear to make plays on the field. Worthy has been labeled as one of the fastest potential receivers coming out of college football next year. His straight-line speed makes him a dangerous deep threat, but he is also one of the most fluid athletes out there.

The Steelers could fall in love with the type of player he is, even though he is on the lighter side of things when it comes to his weight. Filling out his frame is something that scouts would love to see while he keeps his speed intact. Another big part of his game is versatility and the different roles he could play on a team.

Worthy has been used as a deep target during his time at Texas, but he has played in other spots too. Slot is another potential option for him to play in and that could give an offensive coordinator a couple of different options with a single player. Worthy has also done some work in the return game too, which is always a welcome addition to any rookie in the NFL.