2024 NFL Draft Preview: Top wide receivers for Steelers fans to keep an eye on

Steelers, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Steelers, Marvin Harrison Jr. / Joseph Scheller/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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Marvin Harrison Jr. is the top receiver in this class by a good distance

Boy would the Steelers love getting the chance to draft Marvin Harrison Jr. in the 2024 NFL draft. Unless Pittsburgh tanks this upcoming season, it is a long shot for Harrison to get anywhere close to their selection. It is mostly agreed by scouts that Harrison is the top receiver coming out of the upcoming draft, but they also agree that he will probably go in the top eight.

This guy has it all, size, explosiveness, and NFL bloodlines. If his name sounds familiar, his dad is Marvin Harrison, the Hall of Fame receiver for the Indianapolis Colts. Those types of NFL bloodlines will have the Steelers and other clubs excited to watch this player do some damage this upcoming season. No matter who the quarterback is at Ohio State, he will find ways to make things happen.

Another junior here as Harrison will be able to get better as he enters this season, especially since he is projected to go so high in the draft already. He has only one year of high production as a Buckeye, but he has too many tools that work for him to struggle. Ohio State has too many weapons on offense and Harrison is the top dog in that department.

One should assume unless a major injury or unforeseen lack of production occurs this year, Harrison will be the top receiver taken in the upcoming draft. There are too many variables that are working for this player and the abilities that he has that work for him. He is a special talent and someone the Steelers and every other team in the NFL would love to have on their roster.

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