Steelers mock draft: Daydreaming of adding talent in 2024 during the bye week

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439. Safety. . Beau Brade. 4. player. . Beau Brade. . Beau Brade

There are a lot of things that will cause the Steelers to display a lot of interest in Beau Brade leading up to the NFL draft. He has plenty of qualities that will check off the box, especially at this point in the middle rounds of the draft. He has a lot of experience in every facet of special teams, and that will only make him more likely to make the roster as a rookie.

Mike Tomlin loves his Maryland guys, it’s almost like they hold something over his head. Brade started for the first-time last season and showed that he can not only hold his own as a starter but also thrive in that role. This is a big season for Brade, but he should be able to be a draft riser if he is able to test like some other former Terrapins did in the past year.

Others considered in the fourth round of the Steelers mock draft:

Tyreek Chappell (CB)

Adding another cornerback here even though Burke was the Steelers first round pick in this mock draft scenario. Tyreek Chappell has a good pedigree coming into this year and has been a good corner overall in a tough conference. His size is concerning for the next level, and he might be too much of a gambler for his NFL career to take off immediately.

Cedric Gray (LB)

Cedric Gray was in the last installment of the Steelers mock draft series. but he makes another appearance here. The guy plays tough and is someone that you will hear "looks like a Steeler" when the draft process starts to unfold more. His sophomore season was his best, but he is a quick linebacker that can play a Vince Williams style for Pittsburgh.

Luke Lachey (TE)

Rounding out the first pick in the fourth-round options here as Luke Lachey could be interesting. Tight end might not be a dire need, but it would be nice to have someone come in and challenge Connor Heyward for his spot next preseason. Enter Lachey and you have someone that is kind of like Jesse James when he came out of Penn State. Someone who isn't fancy but is effective in the passing game. Needs work on his blocking.