Steelers mock draft: Daydreaming of adding talent in 2024 during the bye week

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DeWayne Carter. . DeWayne Carter. 6. player. . Defensive tackle. DeWayne Carter. 434.

It takes until the sixth round, but the Steelers finally get a defensive tackle to add to their roster here. DeWayne Carter has been a solid pass rusher at Duke for most of his career and that should continue into the NFL. The Steelers have plenty of run stoppers across the defensive line and need some more guys that can get after opposing quarterbacks.

Wayne would fit that pass rusher bill, not only that but he compliments what the Steelers like in their defensive lineman. Carter is a quality run stopper in his own right and finds different ways to get past blockers. He is an interesting name to monitor as the pre-draft process goes on. He could also be a riser if he can keep up high pass rush numbers this season.

Others considered in the sixth round of the Steeler mock draft:

T.J. Tampa (CB)

T.J. Tampa brings great physical traits with him from a frame standpoint alone. He will get a lot of NFL scouting attention because of that alone. He plays at Iowa State, so some of his stats could be going against him because of that program. He is coming off a great year last season and will need to take a step forward if he wants to jump into earlier rounds.

Tyler Van Dyke (QB)

Another quarterback makes the list here and this time it is former hyped prospect Tyler Van Dyke. Many thought that he could make the first round as a prospect based on his measurables alone, but his play has completely taken him out of that conversation. Miami is a program still in the middle of a rebuild and Van Dyke has not benefited from that. Has some tools that could make him into a quality backup.

Gavin Bartholomew (TE)

Rounding out other options here with a local guy for the University of Pittsburgh with Gavin Bartholomew. It seems like he has been in that program for over a decade now ever since finding a lot of playing time as a true Freshman. He has not put up a lot of stats since being with the Panthers, but other than Pickett being there, none of their quarterbacks have been great.