2024 NFL mock draft: Steelers nab electrifying Kenny Pickett replacement

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The Steelers round out the mock draft with a couple gamble picks

Zakhari Franklin. 6. player. . Wide receiver. Zakhari Franklin. 532. Zakhari Franklin. .

A couple of things here Zakhari Franklin could be a boom candidate as his past production in college is great. But the issue is that he transferred over to Ole Miss this season and nothing happened for him there. He seemed to refuse to play in certain instances, which could be a big concern moving forward. He has all the skills you'd love in a receiver.

Franklin had a great career at UTSA and hoped that moving to Ole Miss would skyrocket his draft stock. The opposite has happened and he could fall out of the seven rounds if he grades out poorly at the combine and in interviews. Pittsburgh takes a draft gamble here as they hope his size can develop into a dependable receiver for the team moving forward.

Jordan Travis. Quarterback. player. . 435. . . Jordan Travis. Jordan Travis. 7

Another gamble pick here to round out this mock draft for the Steelers as they take Jordan Travis. He is their final selection of the draft and someone who is recovering from a season-ending injury. Travis was enjoying a Heisman-type year before that injury occurred. His impact was felt the most when Florida State was left out of the college football playoffs because he would be missing, despite the team finishing with an undefeated record.

The hope with this pick would be someone who could recover from his injury to the fullest and push Pickett for the backup job. The Steelers need a dependable backup that can come in and not have too much of a drop-off if Daniels were to be injured. Travis should be able to provide that. Pittsburgh would then carry three young quarterbacks that would push each other.

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