3 best-case scenarios (and one worst-case scenario) for the Steelers 2023 season

Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers
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Best Case Scenario #2: Steelers will win AFC North

Setting sights on AFC Championship hardware is great for franchises with established rosters. Anything could happen, but the Steelers may want to settle for a more achievable goal this season. Maybe, winning the AFC North. In 2022, Pittsburgh ranked third in the division with a 9-8 overall record. Early inconsistencies were detrimental and caused Tomlin's unit to miss the playoffs. They haven't won the division since 2020.

A new year will provide Pittsburgh with another chance to extend their season. Experience under center will result in special performances from Kenny Pickett. He's comfortable against divisional opponents, and we can expect the Steelers to perform better in 2023.

Last season, competition within the division caused rivals to experience similar results. Every team in the AFC North split their divisional matchups (3-3). It showed fans that the Steelers were not too far behind some of the AFC's best franchises. Conference and overall records determined who won the North last season. If the Steelers make a few adjustments, they can snatch the crown from the previous owner.