3 best-case scenarios (and one worst-case scenario) for the Steelers 2023 season

Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers
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Best Case Scenario #3: Steelers miss playoffs but make significant improvements

You can never predict how the NFL season will play out. Success is hard to come by, especially for franchises in the development stages. The Steelers may have done enough to escape an embarrassing end to the 2022 campaign, but there's more work to do. It's absurd to think Matt Canada's offense will enter the season firing on all cylinders. It will take time for pieces to come together, but how long will Pittsburgh have?

Adding points to the board became a sore spot for Mike Tomlin's team last season. The Steelers ranked 26th in points scored (308) compared to other offenses in the league. It made completing comebacks against large deficits impossible and maintaining leads stressful. Adversity provided an experience for Pittsburgh's franchise quarterback to step up. He made the most of his time on the field and succeeded in his first season.

Kenny Pickett is the X-factor for the Steelers this season. If he plays exceptionally well, Mike Tomlin's squad could end up in the AFC championship early next year. However, if Pickett performs like a developing sophomore quarterback, the Steelers will be watching the playoffs from home. He'll develop throughout the season, but subpar performances won't take the Steelers to the next level.