3 brutal facts will make Steelers fans realize Kenny Pickett is not the answer

This is a tough pill to swallow, but sometimes the truth hurts.
Steelers, Kenny Pickett
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2. Pickett has made minimal improvements

Even more concerning than our original pre-draft assessment of Kenny Pickett is the fact that the Steelers quarterback has shown minimal improvement in his second NFL season. In some ways, Pickett has actually digressed.

In Year 2, Pickett has actually been worse when it comes to important stats like completion percentage, successful throw rate, and QBR, per Pro Football Reference, and his yards per game are nearly identical to the pedestrian number he put up during his rookie season.

Though he's only in his second season, Pickett turned 25 years old way back in June. He's a full-grown man who too often plays like a young, inexperienced rookie. Pickett has quietly improved when it comes to decision-making, but his accuracy is sporadic at times and he still misses way too many routine throws.

One of the advantages that Steelers fans hoped to get from a quarterback who played five years of college football was pro-readiness. But that hasn't been the case. The Steelers have been winning football games, but these come mostly on the backs of the defense, not because Kenny Pickett is outstanding.