3 daring predictions for Steelers vs. Ravens in crucial AFC North Week 5 showdown

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick (39)
Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick (39) / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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I really don’t have a great read on the game this week. All signs on paper point to the Steelers losing in embarrassing fashion. The Ravens are one of the best-rushing offenses in the league, while Pittsburgh has failed to stop anyone on the ground. Baltimore’s defense is a talented unit while Pittsburgh’s offense has failed to do anything. Add in some quarterback concerns and this game doesn’t favor the Steelers.

That said, these games are rarely that cut and dry. It isn’t uncommon for divisional games to be close, and the battles between the Ravens and Steelers are usually decided late and by a field goal. It is hard to have optimism, but this game isn’t a guaranteed loss yet. Here are three bold predictions for this Week 5 matchup.

Steelers hold Lamar Jackson in the run game

Lamar Jackson is consistently one of the best-scrambling quarterbacks in the league. His burst and ability to break tackles is unmatched, and he can also pass when need be. While he has been a notable threat on the ground, Pittsburgh has actually matched up well against him on the ground.

Frankly put, their entire focus is on stopping him, keeping a linebacker on him no matter what. On read options, there is no read for the defense, a defender always takes Jackson out of the play. While this limits his ability on the ground, it can lead to big performances from the running backs.

That is the case once again this week. While this run defense is bad, I think they once again stop Jackson on the ground, holding him under 20 rushing yards. This doesn’t negate the rest of the team though, as Baltimore has a successful day on the ground, but it isn’t because of their quarterback.