3 free agent cornerbacks who would be upgrades over Donte Jackson for Steelers

The Steelers must target one of these top cornerbacks left in free agency to upgrade from Donte Jackson.

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Things have started to die off in terms of the Steelers hot start to the offseason. They made massive moves that have completely changed the future of the Steelers. They made a wholesale change at quarterback and brought in other players via free agency and trades. They still have a lot of work to do between now and the NFL Draft next month.

Donte Jackson was involved in one of the deals in the early going of free agency. The Steelers traded Diontae Johnson to the Panthers for Jackson and a pick swap. They had him restructure his contract to save some money. He is a serviceable number-two cornerback, but he has shown signs of struggle in the past. Pittsburgh should look at potential upgrades in free agency.

Pittsburgh could target a former All-pro Cornerback

Xavien Howard could be an option to upgrade at cornerback. The former defensive star for the Dolphins was cut a couple of weeks ago as a cap casualty. He hasn't been the same player that he once was. His poor performance last season was what led to his release by Miami. Howard is someone who carries a big name with his game.

He was once one of the best cornerbacks to take away the football. He has seen a dip in his production lately, and that is why he remains available in free agency. The Steelers should show some form of interest, especially if time carries on and his price drops. Howard would have a higher ceiling than Jackson.

The Steelers could go after a proven starter in Free Agency

Another name still out there in free agency is Adoree' Jackson. The veteran cornerback is still looking for work. He can play inside and outside, which is something the Steelers would like to have at the position. A player's availability is sometimes their best ability. Jackson has been paid handsomely in the past, but with him still on the market, it could be different this time around.

He is coming off one of the worst seasons of his professional career. It makes sense why the New York Giants were willing to move on this offseason. Even though Jackson was somewhat disappointing in New York, he's still only 28 years old. He has a lot of good football left in him and a one-year deal to maximize his value next offseason would benefit both parties.

Pittsburgh could sign an immediate upgrade over Donte Jackson

Many fans have connected Pittsburgh to Stephon Gilmore in the past. It seems like every time he has hit free agency, the Steelers are rumored to be interested. Nothing has ever materialized in those instances. He has almost become a mercenary when it comes to his employment status over the last several years.

He goes to the highest bidder and that has meant many different homes for Gillmore. The Steelers could be up next as the aging cornerback has still displayed quality performances each year throughout his career. Gilmore will go to the highest bidder, but it seems like there might not be too many people focused on signing the aging player in free agency.

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