3 longest-tenured coaches in Pittsburgh Steelers history

Steelers, Chuck Noll
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1. Chuck Noll: 23 years (1969-1991)

The longest-tenured coach in Pittsburgh Steelers history is the great Chuck Noll. After going through 12 different head coaches before the AFL-NFL merger, the Steelers finally found a long-term option in 1969 with Noll.

In his first season, a Noll-led Steelers team had their worst win percentage in franchise history as they finished the season just 1-13. But it's a good thing the Rooney's didn't give up on him right away. It took a total of three consecutive losing seasons before Noll truly started to build a championship roster.

In 1972, he really turned things around for the Steelers as they made it to the conference championship game. Two years later, he won his first Super Bowl, and he would end up winning four Super Bowls in just a six-year span.

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Noll didn't have nearly as much success over the final 13 years of his head-coaching career, but he still has arguably the greatest coaching stretch in NFL history. In a team with several legendary head coaches, Chuck Noll is considered by many to be the best of them all. His 23-year tenure is a number that may never be topped by another coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.