3 most surprising moves by the Steelers during the 2023 offseason

Steelers, Mason Rudolph
Steelers, Mason Rudolph / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers sign new deals with Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph

If you were to have thrown a party for everyone who believed the Steelers would sign Trubisky to a two-year extension and Mason Rudolph for another season, it’s doubtful anyone would have shown up. Thankfully, you would only have had to buy one pizza for yourself, yet quite a bit can happen in one week.

No one thought Mason Rudolph was remotely happy staying in Pittsburgh and wanted to at least go somewhere he might at least have a chance to compete. Apparently, no one called, and once mid-May hit, he still had no suitors. Thus he assumed playing one more season as a backup was preferable to not playing anywhere.

That makes sense Trubisky signing an extension came out of left field. For the Steelers, it made sense in that it allowed them to restructure their salary cap even further to get their remaining rookies signed. For Trubisky, that keeps him in Pittsburgh until 2025. If he stays that long, he may never have the opportunity to compete for a starting position again.

It’s weird he agreed. Whether that’s what he wants who can say for sure? However, at least it’s job security. Perhaps a starter gets injured elsewhere, and the Steelers trade him possibly, but even that seems doubtful. Nevertheless, no one saw it coming.