3 pitfalls Steelers must avoid to cement a successful 2023 draft

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Steelers must not be hesitant to draft the best player available regardless of position

Make no mistake, considering the 2023 draft will be the first draft as GM for Omar Khan, there is inherent pressure on him, the front office, and Tomlin to make sure that the player we draft in the first round will be a player who not only plays out the rookie contract but is signed to a long-term deal beyond the rookie contract.

Players who generally not only play out their rookie contracts but are signed to long-term deals beyond their rookie contracts are the best players available regardless of position. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we should draft a quarterback at pick number seventeen, but every other position is up for grabs, in my opinion.

For example, although we signed what seems to be a plethora of offensive linemen, I think the position that still needs to be addressed is offensive tackle. If an offensive tackle is there at pick number seventeen and that player is the best player available and is the highest-rated player on our board, we should make the selection without hesitation.

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As we discussed, drafting for need generally leads to unfulfilled promises. As I stated earlier since this is the first draft for Khan as GM, it must be a 'winning' draft. Assuming we make no trades and stick with the seven picks we currently have, I would argue that the players we draft in the first four rounds must be starting-caliber players and players who are positive contributors. If that does not happen, the draft will have been unsuccessful.