3 positions where the Steelers could double-dip in the 2024 NFL Draft

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The 2024 NFL Draft is just around the corner, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have no shortage of needs remaining on their roster. A good rule of thumb for teams to follow is to fill holes in free agency so that you have the flexibility to take the best players available when you are on the clock during the NFL Draft.

A true BPA approach (Best Player Available) is something that fans of every NFL team should be on board with. At the same time, we understand that teams can't just leave gaping voids on their roster to fill with veteran-minimum free agents.

There is a sweet spot where need and value lineup for a team in the NFL Draft. Oftentimes, this results in doubling up on certain positions. The Steelers have done this in the past and it has been proven effective at times.

Back in 2010, the Steelers selected Antonio Brown in the 6th round after spending their 3rd-round pick in WR Emmanuel Sanders. They did the same thing in 2012 when they took a pair of offensive tackles in Mike Adams (2nd round) and Kelvin Beachum (7th round). In both of these examples, the second player drafted at the same position ended up having a better NFL career.

In more recent examples, the Steelers selected two wide receivers in the 2022 draft (George Pickens and Calvin Austin III) and they double-dipped at cornerback in 2023 (Joey Porter Jr. and Cory Trice). The verdict is still out on these decisions.

Double dipping isn't an uncommon occurrence in the NFL Draft. Here are three positions where the value and need could line up for the Steelers to double-dip in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Steelers could double dip at wide receiver

Regardless of what scheme you are running, every NFL team needs at least 3-4 reliable wide receivers on their roster. Currently, the Steelers have just one (George Pickens). While one of Calvin Austin, Van Jefferson, or Quez Watkins could prove to be effective, none of the three projects is anything more than a WR3 in Pittsburgh.

Not only do the Steelers need to find a true WR2-type to pair with Pickens, they also need a receiver who can be a core special teams player -- something that is missing from their current roster.

This happens to be an outstanding wide receiver class that is both good at the top and deep. Don't be shocked if Omar Khan elects to use two of his seven draft picks to address the wide receiver position in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Steelers could draft two offensive tackles

Before the Steelers made a single roster move during the 2024 offseason, we knew that offensive tackle was going to be high on their draft radar. Broderick Jones shows promise to be a long-term option, but Dan Moore Jr. showed that he must be replaced as soon as possible.

Ahead of free agency, Pittsburgh released veteran OT Chukwuma Okorafor and did nothing to replace him. This could mean that not only are the Steelers in prime position to take a tackle early, but they could double-up with a developmental tackle later in the draft who could push to be the new swing OT in Pittsburgh.

Moore has just one year remaining on his rookie contract, and he doesn't have the position flexibility to kick over to right tackle in the event of an injury. The Steelers could not only be looking for a starting right tackle that would allow Jones to kick back over to his more natural position at LT, but they could also look for a versatile developmental swing tackle.

Steelers could select a pair of cornerbacks

Like the wide receiver position, no team can ever have too many quality cornerbacks on their roster. '11' personnel is the new base defense, and even before injuries set in, teams sometimes have packages where four cornerbacks see the field at ounce.

Though the Steelers did get CB Donte Jackson as part of the Diontae Johnson trade, they still lack quality options at the position outside of Joey Porter Jr. This team needs a true slot cornerback in the worst way, and they could certainly use another big, long boundary cornerback to develop -- especially if Jackson proves to be ineffective.

After seeing their share of troubles at the cornerback position in 2023, don't be shocked if the Steelers elect to double-dip at CB in the draft this year.