3 reasons the Steelers will win in Week 3 vs. the Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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3. The Steelers have a lot to prove

We've all heard the various reasons for the Steelers' struggles through the first two games:

1) The 49ers have the best defense in the league and are arguably the best team overall (and they are).
2) The Browns are the Browns. They'll find a way to mess things up (and they did).
3) Matt Canada is a terrible offensive coordinator (and he is).
4) Injuries to Cam Heyward and Diontae Johnson have been costly (and they have).
5) Kenny Pickett's not taking the second-year leap (and he hasn't thus far).

However, despite all of this, the Steelers are 1-1. Just like the Buffalo Bills, the New York Jets, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs to name a few.

On top of that, the Steelers have a better record than the Cincinnati Bengals, the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the Los Angeles Chargers, and others.


Yes, we've been spoiled over the years as Steelers fans. After all, "the standard is the standard" in Pittsburgh, and the last few seasons have been disappointing overall.

But with games coming up against the Raiders and Texans, there's a good chance that Mike Tomlin's crew could be 3-1 heading into a home game against arch-rival Baltimore on October 8.

So, calm down Steelers fans. There's a lot of football left to be played.

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Monday night's win was just the start of good things to come. This is a young team with a lot to prove, and I'm confident they'll take another step towards their goal of doing just that against the Raiders.