3 reasons why Mike Tomlin should not be fired

We are all fed up with the lack of playoff success, but here's why firing Mike Tomlin would not be the best move.

Steelers, Mike Tomlin
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2. The Steelers could trade Mike Tomlin for a king's ransom

Perhaps the biggest reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers should not fire Mike Tomlin is because of what they could get for him in a trade. If mutually parting ways is something this franchise intends to do, the Steelers might be able to catch a king's ransom for their prestigious head coach.

While things might not be working out when it comes to finding playoff success in Pittsburgh, do you know how many teams would kill to have a head coach like Mike Tomlin? There are plenty of bottom-dwelling franchises that would give up an arm and a leg just to bring his competitive nature to their facility.

We've also seen an example of a very good NFL coach being traded in recent years. After 15 seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton decided to 'take some time off' with a year remaining on his contract. One year later, the Saints traded him to the Denver Broncos for future first, second, and third-round draft choices.

Though it's hard to say if a team would still be willing to give up this much, Tomlin has had similar success to Payton and will be a coveted head coach option if the Steelers make him available. What this team could potentially get in a trade is reason enough to never outright fire him.