3 reasons why Mike Tomlin should not be fired

We are all fed up with the lack of playoff success, but here's why firing Mike Tomlin would not be the best move.

Steelers, Mike Tomlin
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3. The Steelers could do far worse than Mike Tomlin as their head coach

The grass isn't always greener on the other side. The Pittsburgh Steelers learned this firsthand in recent years. Following their ugly playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, fans were calling for the firing of offensive coordinator, Todd Haley. But things only got worse.

After Haley, the Steelers hired from within -- making QB coach Randy Fichtner their new OC. They repeated this process three years later with Matt Canada, and we all know how that story goes.

Certainly, there's a chance that the Pittsburgh Steelers could hire an innovative mind who could be the next Kyle Shanahan in the NFL, or maybe even the next Mike Tomlin. But history around the league shows us that they are much more likely to flop with their new hire.

I do believe that Pittsburgh is long overdue for some legitimate change. I don't think that Mike Tomlin should have such a big hand in the offseason process or in the NFL Draft. However, if you were to fire him, there's a far more concerning risk that you could get the next Brandon Staley or Arthur Smith.

Tomlin isn't perfect, but the Steelers could do far worse than having a head coach who at least keeps them competitive each year -- even if that means the season typically ends in disappointment.

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