3 shocking positions we can't rule out for the Steelers at pick 17

Steelers, Will McDonald
Steelers, Will McDonald / Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA
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1. Steelers could take IOL at pick 17

This one would throw a lot of fans through a loop. After beefing up the OL with two offensive guards, the interior offensive line suddenly seems like a strength of the team with notable depth to go around. In fact, with one more addition, it's possible that Kevin Dotson may not have a roster spot in 2023.

Regardless, the breadcrumbs seem to be leading to the Steelers taking a center early. During the pre-draft process, they have used top 30 visits on players like TCU's Steve Avila, Minnesota's John Michael Schmitz, and North Dakota State's Cody Mauch.

Admittedly, these players seem a bit rich for the 17th overall pick, so this scenario isn't likely to play out. However, some teams view Avila as a first-round prospect, and the Steelers could fall in love with his flexibility to play anything from center to offensive tackle. Cody Mauch could be the same way (though he's viewed as a day-two prospect). It's also worth noting that the Steelers had a visit with Florida' O'Cyrus Torrence recently.

Even after signing four free agent guards over the past two seasons and spending mid-round draft capital on Kendrick Green and Kevin Dotson, the Steelers are showing by their visits that they aren't content. It's unlikely, but they could take an interior offensive lineman as early as the 17th overall pick.

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