3 standouts and (2 big duds) in Steelers blowout preseason win over the Falcons

  • Steelers had plenty of studs to pick from in this contest
  • There were a few shaky performances mixed in
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Steelers Dud: James Pierre

While the Steelers collectively bullied the backups of the Atlanta Falcons, one player who did not have a particularly good game in the preseason finale was cornerback, James Pierre. Despite the pressure he is under as one of the final cornerbacks fighting for a roster spot, Pierre did not deliver in this contest.

Though his performance wasn't all bad, the former undrafted cornerback gave up several big plays in the passing game. On other plays, Pierre lost track of the ball or failed to get his head turned around for a chance at an interception.

In a game where mostly everything went right for this team, Pierre's performance was one to forget. When the coaching staff goes back and puts on the tape, I've got to wonder what will be going through their minds here.

Nobody wanted to see Cory Trice Jr. go down with a season-ending injury at Steelers training camp, but James Pierre may be the only benefactor from the team's loss. Pittsburgh may keep him around for special teams purposes in 2023, but this was not the note that James Pierre was hoping to go out on in the preseason.