3 Steelers who should be embarrassed to show up to the film room in Week 16

Most players and coaches were to blame for the loss to the Colts, but these three Steelers should be the most embarrassed by their performances.

Steelers, Mitch Trubisky
Steelers, Mitch Trubisky / Robert Scheer-USA TODAY Sports
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2. George Pickens gave up on his teammates

On paper, George Pickens didn't have the worst game imaginable. The talented second-year receiver was able to reel in 3 of 7 targets for 47 yards (15.7 yards per catch), and some of these were passes deemed uncatchable. However, fans should have a beef with Pickens for his lackadaisical effort against the Colts in Week 16.

In addition to getting mossed by a Colts defensive back (it looked like there was some contact and Pickens may have mistimed his jump) the former second-round pick gave the most deplorable effort as a blocker you will ever see from an NFL wide receiver.

As Steelers running back Jaylen Warren found a crease and proceeded to burst into the open field toward the goal line, Pickens quite literally stood there and allowed the defender he should have been blocking to tackle Warren at the one-yard line. There is no question Warren would have scored with a better blocking effort from his wide receiver.

It wasn't just this one play either. Pickens refused to even give an effort on one high target intended for him, and his negative body language was once again on display for the world to see. Quite honestly, it looked like George Pickens gave up on his teammates, and we have enough reason to be concerned about his attitude at this point.